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We are happy to tutor people on a one to one basis, if you see a class below that has no date attached or the dates that have been assigned to a class do not suit you please feel free to contact us here to arrange for a one to one tuition.


At this informative art class you will learn:

  • How to mix epoxy resin correctly
  • What colour agents can be used to create amazing textures and colours
  • How to achieve awesome patterns and effects

At the conclusion of this 2 hour class you will have completed your very own unique piece of art that you can hang in pride of place in your home. 
From this class you will go away with the knowledge and confidence to carry on doing many other resin projects. 
Due to the drying time of resin your art work will be ready for pick up 2 days after the class. 

COST: $78 includes all materials

DURATION: 2 hours

SIZE: 300 x 300mm


Tuesday 30th April 6-8 p.m.

Thursday 2nd May 6-8 p.m.

Saturday 11th May 1-3 p.m.

Thursday 23rd May 6-8 p.m.

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Learn the art of fabric draping at this Draped Torso workshop. Using Interior Kiwi Polykote, fabric and our Art FX range of effecting products create your own individual look for this work of art. Full guidance will be given by your Kiwi Polykote Tutor.

This workshop:
  1. Is approximately 3 hours long
  2. Is a great way to be introduced to the Kiwi Polykote system
  3. Is heaps of fun!

During the draped torso workshop you will master the art of fabric draping using Kiwi Polykote and effect your torso with our specialized Art FX Range of products 
Workshops are run regularly. 
To keep up to date with dates and times visit our website 
Learn how to create your very own one of a kind draped female torso.

COST: $130 includes all materials

DURATION: 2-3 hours

SIZE: 470 x 300mm


No classes scheduled, happy to do one on one or small group by appointment

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At this class you will learn the techniques, tips and tricks to successfully complete a three-dimensional scale model of a landscape, called a Diorama.

This class will cover:

¨ Polystyrene carving

¨ Coating the landscape using a unique product called Kiwi Polykote. Kiwi Polykote is a cement based product designed to coat polystyrene to a rock hard finish.

¨ Designing and building a realistic water feature  using epoxy resin and specialised pigments.

From this class you will have the ability to make bigger dioramas that can be used for gaming or model  railways.

The finished diorama is 300 x 300mm square or it can be made to a shape of your choice.

The class is run over 2x 3 hour sessions at Artmor Studio.

All materials and equipment are supplied to complete an individually designed diorama.

No experience needed, this class is designed for beginners.

COST: $120 includes all materials

DURATION: 6 hours run over a two day duration

SIZE: 300 x 300mm

This class runs as a school holiday program from year 11 students upwards


Saturday 4th May 10-1 p.m. and Sunday 5th May 10-1 p.m.


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Garden sculptures are the best thing to finish of a beautiful garden, especially if the sculpture is something you have made yourself.

At this informative class you will learn:

  • How to make a armature wire frame
  • Bulking up the frame to add body features
  • Using Artmors' Stiffi with fabric to drape and dress Matilda
  • Dry brushing pigments to highlight details

You will learn the technique of material draping, once you master this technique you will be able to make numerous items at your leisure.

COST: $125 includes all materials

DURATION: 6 hours

SIZE: 550 mm tall


Saturday 18th May 10 a.m. -4 p.m.


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At this very creative class, you will learn the technique of how to make your very own water feature. The design of your water feature will be entirely your own.
You will learn how to carve polystyrene, use hot wire tools, coating with Kiwi Polykote exterior, how to build your water feature structure, how to fit a water pump and how to fibreglass.
All materials are supplied.
This is an all-day class that will get your creative juices flowing.
This class is limited to only 8 people to a class.
Bookings are essential.

COST: $250 includes all materials and water pump

DURATION: 6-7 hours

SIZE: 600 x 600mm approx.


Saturday 25th May 10 a.m.-5 p.m.

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