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Kiwi Polykote is a specially formulated, rigid coating system for Polystyrene. 
The developers of Kiwi Polykote have been working in the film industry for a number of years making props for Television commercials and movies.

One of the main mediums used for prop making is polystyrene, and after using resin based products to coat the polystyrene they decided to come up with something more user friendly.

Kiwi Polykote comes in two systems, Interior & Exterior.

Kiwi Polykote is ideal for:

  • Model Makers
  • Body casting
  • Polystyrene Sculptures
  • Sign Making
  • Casting
  • Landscapers, rock making
  • Builders touch up kit
  • And more...

Benefits & features of Kiwi Polykote
  • Forms a surface that can be painted
  • Re coat anytime
  • Easy to mix, just add to water
  • Fast Drying
  • Easy to use
  • Odourless
  • User friendly
  • Washes up in water
  • Brush, trowel or hopper on to polystyrene to any thickness
  • Easily painted
  • Exterior Kiwi Polykote can be coloured using specialised colour agents
  • Exterior Kiwi Polykote makes an excellent repair kit for builders or landscapers
  • Affordable
  • Less mess than other coating systems
  • Ideal for craft work
  • Stronger than regular casting plaster